project hope

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Project HOPE is the umbrella term for all of our mission efforts at MTVchurch. From local to national to international, Project HOPE encompasses all of our efforts to create contagious communities of hope outside the four walls of MTVchurch. 

LOCAL - Members of the MTVchurch family are involved in a myriad of missions efforts in Lowndes County. Among many others, these include partnering with local addiction recovery centers to mentoring programs and orphan/fatherless ministries. Inquire about how you can connect with Project HOPE by filling out the form above. 

INTERNATIONAL - MTVchurch has been instrumental in constructing a school, church, clinic and other improvements in a slum area of Barahona, Dominican Republic. Along with people from other churches, we sponsor more than 70 children by providing education, Bible study, one meal per day, medical/dental care and a positive Christian environment. Our relationships with this community continue to grow as our small mission teams get to relate to people on an individual basis as we visit families at their homes. Partnering with American and local missionaries, we have witnessed a renewed hope for the children and adults in this community of Haitian immigrants. CLICK HERE to find out how you can sponsor a child in the Dominican Republic.