• Todd Stevens

    Lead Pastor

    Who is your family? Erin and I have three amazing boys: Elijah, Daniel, and Levi. 

    What do you do? I lead our staff team, cast vision for where our church is headed, and teach on the weekends.

    What has led you to this point?  While pursuing a career in information technology, God unmistakably called me to ministry. So while continuing to work full-time for Adidas, I enrolled in Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and accepted a part-time staff position with our church. Throughout my journey in church leadership, I've always had a passion for reaching out to those who feel hopeless or isolated. I love our church's focus on meeting people right where they are and then inviting them to take the next step toward God's love.

    What is your quirk? My running pace is the same speed as my walking pace. 

    What is your favorite "southern" saying?  "I'm full as a tick."

  • Scott tolleson

    worship pastor

    Who is your family? My wife is Courtney and we have 2 kids: Paisley and Greyson. 

    What do you do? I am the Worship Pastor here at MTVchurch, and that’s exactly what I try to do is pastor people in worship. Worshipping God is not just something that happens on Sundays: it’s the fundamental reason of our existence. Worship is woven throughout our everyday life. I am so humbled to get to play a small part serving Christ’s kingdom.  

    What has led you to this point? My road to this point has been a very interesting journey to say the least.  I fell in love with music at an early age, but never had any dreams of serving in the church. It wasn’t until my brother and I started a band in high school that I began to be drawn and called into ministry. Since then, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel and lead worship around the country, as well as serve in some great churches here in Mississippi, to which I am forever grateful for the opportunity.  Some of it has been challenging, but it has also been very rewarding and better than I could have ever planned myself. I am so grateful to be serving at Mt Vernon Church here in my hometown, and can't wait to see what God does here.  

    What is your quirk? I’m extremely clumsy. I break everything I touch, so if it’s valuable to you , don’t let me anywhere near it!!

    What is your favorite southern saying?  "Stove-up" - muscles are sore or stiff

  • brandon allen

    STUDENT pastor

    Who is your family?  My amazing wife is Miranda and we have a son named Emmette.

    What do you do?  I have the honor of helping middle school and high school students grow in their faith with Jesus Christ. I also teach and help students create biblical community with other students that help them strengthen their Christian walk.

    What has led you to this point?  While I was in college, my dream was to coach football after I graduated. Little did I know, God was preparing me to step into youth ministry full time. After graduating, I served as a student pastor full time for a year until I was blessed with a college coaching job that allowed me to coach and pastor. I juggled both jobs for 4 years in Alexandria, LA until I felt God was calling me to a different city. After much praying and seeking God for guidance with my next chapter, I was contacted by Mt Vernon and the rest is history.

    What is your quirk?  I am a picky eater. I will literally gag if I eat a food that has a strange texture (Lettuce, coconut, onions, tomatoes...)

    What is your favorite "southern" saying?  WHO DAT!!!

  • elliott medlen

    connections minister

    Who is your family? I’m married to my beautiful high school sweetheart, Taylor, and we have 3 amazing kiddos: Mason, Julia, and Clark. 

    What do you do? I’m the Connections Minister, and I lead our Guest Services team and Life Group ministry. I get to help people discover where they can serve and grow closer to God! 

    What has led you to this point? I didn’t grow up in church, but when God saved me, I needed the family of God to help me. A welcoming environment and a safe place to learn about God were important to me, and I get to help foster both of those! 

    What is your quirk? I love to do impressions. So far, I’ve learned how to do: Christopher Walken, Bane, Mickey Mouse, Ms. Swan and Stewart from Mad TV, and probably a couple more I’ve forgotten. 

    What is your favorite "southern" saying? "God willing and the creek don’t rise."

  • callie stone

    kiDzone director

    Who is your family? My husband is Shawn, and we have three boys: JT, Thax, and Sam.

    What do you do? I'm a mom and part-time K-5 ministry director. I oversee the KidZone (K-3) and Zone45 (4th-5th) environments. I not only get to lead kids to a relationship with Jesus, but I also get to train up other leaders in the ministry!

    What has led you to this point? Great question! I was approached by someone who thought I'd be great for this role, which cracked me up because I had no experience with children or ministry. But God knew what He was doing because I could not love this job more. This is definitely not anything that I would have ever dreamed on my own, but I love where God has me.

    What is your quirk? The way I fold my laundry. I am very obsessive about the way it is folded and put away. It's like origami art to me!

    What is your favorite "southern" saying? "How's your momma 'nem?"

  • Lisa hodson

    minister to young families

    Who is your family? My husband is Jay, and we have three grown children: Trey, Aaron (Mikenzie), and Anna.

    What do you do? Minister to Young Families.  I am responsible for Discovery Zone, Family Events, and Communications.  

    What has led you to this point?  I have been a member of Mt Vernon and a volunteer in the children's ministry for many years.  I taught preschool here for seven years and even served as the Discovery Zone director in the past.  I have a degree in Speech Pathology, but was blessed to be able to stay at home when my children were small.  I have always had a love and calling to teach children and serve their families.  For several years, I worked as an administrative assistant, but continued to feel the tug to be back in an area of service to children. Praying for God's direction and with His timing, this job became available.  I am excited to be a part of such an amazing team.

    What is your quirk? My quirk is wearing my glasses on top of my head instead of on my face. Sometimes you can even see me with two pair on top of my head. 

    What is your favorite "southern" saying?  "Fixin' to" 



    Who is your family? My husband is Wayne, and we have two boys: Fender and Marshall.

    What do you do? I am the Office Manager/Financial Assistant. 

    What has led you to this point?  My family and I have been at Mt Vernon Church for several years. I was working in eye care which I had done for 16 years. In January of 2018, I realized I was burned out and not happy. I began praying that God would open a new door for my family, and one that would give me more time to spend with them. Then I was approached twice about this opportunity here at the church. I knew it was the door I had been praying to open. So here I am and I absolutely LOVE my job!

    What is your quirk? I'm very OCD, especially about the coffee mugs in the office. Each one has its own special place. 

    What is your favorite "southern" saying?  ROLL TIDE ROLL!

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